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Feel free to have a look around. Have some tea. Take a nap, I do frequently.

I am an actress

Every story deserves to be told and whether it be through theatre, film, silence, or a mountain of speeches I want to help tell it.

As a kid, when confronted with the question 'what do you want to be when you grow up' the answer was always seven options (including at any given time the President, Scientist, or a Spy) plus an Actress. No matter what profession choice was on rotation it always had 'and an actress' tacked onto the end. I have never been able to pin down an exact moment when I 'discovered' theatre and acting because, even though I didn't attend a school with drama classes until I was 13, it was never not an option. I feel like no one ever told me to stop playing and so... I didn't. I still create worlds and tell stories. 


Demo Reel?

It's Coming Soon

While we wait for that, take a peek at what I've been getting up to!

Background Noise

48hr Film Project

63 Miles Away

Before Dawn

Much Ado 

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"The theatre is stories around a campfire so that a community can make sense of what has happened, what could happen, what will happen [....] to help make sense of our lives" -Roberta Levitowy.



Current Location: Atlanta, GA